'Total Chaos' at Heathrow, Dozens of Flights Canceled

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 Dozens of flights canceled at Heathrow

About 30 flights from Heathrow Airport were canceled or rescheduled on Thursday morning due to the fact that the airport had more passengers than its capacity allowed.

According to The Mirror, the decision on flights was made by the airport management the night before. Management realized that “the terminals would not be able to handle the large number of passengers passing through.”

At least 5,000 travelers were said to have been affected this morning.

“This morning it's total chaos at Heathrow, flights canceled and service terrible,” said one passenger.

Another traveler said they left home at 3:30 am, checked their flight, and then found out “We will be working with airlines to rebook affected passengers on other flights and we apologize for the impact on travel plans,” Heathrow said.

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