Tornado vs. Rotem Sela

Tornado vs. Rotem Sela

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Tornado, an Israeli air conditioning firm, will be suing actress and TV presenter Rotem Sela. The representative company Rotem ADD and Discount Bank will not remain indifferent either.

The lawsuit, which was filed with the Tel Aviv District Court, says that Discount Bank is negotiating with Rotem Sela in order to to invite her to become an advertising person, which violates the exclusivity of the agreement between Tornado and Sela, which has represented the firm since 2016.

The exclusive agreement between the host and the firm has been extended until 2022, and the amount of the contract has grown from 375,000 shekels to 850,000 shekels per year. And at this stage, Tornado is asking the court to prohibit Rotem Sela from representing another company or participating in negotiations, and also to consider the contract exclusive.

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