Topalov said about the intimate life with Todorenko: Cuddled and fell asleep

Топалов рассказал об интимной жизни с Тодоренко: Обнимались и засыпали

Russian singer Vlad Topalov told a juicy story about TV presenter Regina Todorenko

Recently one of the most popular couples of the Ukrainian and Russian show business, Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov gave a small, but very honest interview with Glamour magazine, writes Сlutch.

Топалов рассказал об интимной жизни с Тодоренко: Обнимались и засыпали

Lovers find out which of them knows more interesting facts about the other. So, it came to the question about the movie, which has disappointed a few. It was about a picture of Wonder woman, which Todorenko and Topalov, as it turned out, could not watch until the end.

About the reasons why it happened, told by the singer.

Топалов рассказал об интимной жизни с Тодоренко: Обнимались и засыпали

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“I can say figuratively. When we started meeting, just released film Wonder woman. Tried many times to watch it, but did not reach the film. We each other very passionately loved and tenderly – told Vlad Topalov, when Regina Todorenko began to interrupt him with a question about why he says it in an interview. – Because it’s true. Better to be honest than to say “we did not come down to film”. As a matter of fact. And so we love each other, that love each other. Then cuddled and fell asleep”.

We will remind, earlier known Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko, which has long lived in Russia and is expecting a child with Russian singer, recently said that in no hurry to get married

It is known that recently the TV presenter said that in the registry office she did not hurry and just enjoy the pregnancy. Also Todorenko said that the wedding is in principle not going anywhere, and I want everything to be beautiful. That is why you should consider the celebration to the last detail.

Топалов рассказал об интимной жизни с Тодоренко: Обнимались и засыпали

According to the girl, the wedding couple was going to celebrate after the baby is born, calling all family and friends. Regina even thought about how to hold the ceremony in Italy or Greece.

Recently, however, attentive fans of the star couple had noticed that Regina and Vlad appeared wedding ring on the ring finger. A little later, the fans no doubt about the marriage of star couple at all. The fact that Todorenko and Topalov released a joint video in the car.

Just a few days ago, the singer presented his new music video, so communicating with his supporters, Vlad and Regina decided to diversify the day, having arranged competition on the best performance of the song, and, of course, themselves sang a verse. It is noteworthy that at this point, the pair she showed that already visited the registry office — they showed their wedding rings to the camera.

We will remind, Regina todorenko close for the first time showed a wedding ring.

As reported Politeka, Todorenko openly admitted to what brought her pregnancy.

Also Politeka wrote that the pregnant Todorenko was brought to tears

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