Top most “vile” technological discoveries of the last year: “threat to humanity”

Топ самых "мерзких" технологических открытий последнего года: "опасны для человечества"

Scientists from mit decided to introduce a ranking of the most vile of technological advances 2018

It is reported by Hvylya, citing a high-Tech.

The explosion of electronic cigarettes Juul

Products a U.S. seller of electronic cigarettes and wapow Juul in 2018 soared in popularity. Electronic cigarette again rekindled in young people the desire to smoke, the researchers note. Additionally, the stylish design and low price quickly made fashionable by Juul. During the year the number using wapi young people only in the US has doubled production thanks Juul.

Топ самых "мерзких" технологических открытий последнего года: "опасны для человечества"

Genetic modification of people

Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy became one of the main characters of the scientific world in 2018, given the challenges of criticism on it. In the end, he announced that he had created genetically modified children in order to fight HIV. Now, however, almost all countries in the world intend to strengthen regulation of CRISPR-spheres that have a negative impact on science.

Топ самых "мерзких" технологических открытий последнего года: "опасны для человечества"

The winter games ended in tragedy, rescuers are searching for bodies near Kiev: photo
The incident

Development of a Dragonfly from Google search engine for China

In mid 2018, it became known about the development of Google’s new search engine for China Dragonfly that can be censored by the government. This caused protests among employees, the head of the company, Sundar Pichai, even said about the possible freezing of the project.

Топ самых "мерзких" технологических открытий последнего года: "опасны для человечества"

Voluntary euthanasia for the sake of scientific purposes from Nectome

Nectome startup has introduced a technology that can freeze living brain in order to in the future to restore it and possibly its media. An important feature of this development is the fact that it have to do with another living person. This means that people should voluntarily be willing to die for the sake of the future, it might have raised. Maybe not.

We will remind, it became known the name of the richest person in history.

As reported Politeka, the rating of the most dangerous machines in the world: “stay away”.

Also Politeka wrote that the rating of the richest children on YouTube, they have millions of dollars in 10 years, among them Ukrainians.

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