TOP most famous animals that have become movie stars (PHOTOS)

To attract film and more the attention of the audience, many Directors resort to what give some of the animals. And it is worth noting, they often do their job the great millet. We offer you to remember the brightest stars of the animal world, which impress with their playing and artistry.

Crystal the monkey from the movie “the Hangover From Vegas to Bangkok” Many remember the monkey that became popular immediately after the release of the second part of the Bachelor party. Few people know, but this monkey has flashed in such famous films as “night at the Museum”, “My boyfriend at the zoo”, “American pie,” “George of the jungle,” “Dr. Doolittle,” “We bought a zoo” and the TV series “house MD”. His popularity this 21-year-old star his coach That Gunderson, who noticed the potential in this monkey, as soon as it was purchased for the Agency’s “Birds & Animals Unlimited.”

Tiger Pursch from the film “Striped flight”. Tamer Margarita Nazarova is so fond of her pet Purse that even met with him a New 1963 in the restaurant of the hotel “Astoria”. During the festival, the tiger managed to eat five pounds of beef, scrambled eggs two dozen eggs and two gallons of milk. The film “Striped flight” Pursch starred in several movies, but this Comedy has become the hallmark of his career as a year after the premiere, the tiger died from diabetes.

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The killer whale Keiko from the trilogy of “Free Willy”. Although the main role took the whale Keiko, her as the true star was the understudy who became a robotic model of a whale. The robot was so lifelike, that she Keiko has repeatedly tried to flirt with him. After filming the last movie of the trilogy, defenders of animals began to demand for Keiko’s freedom. Unfortunately, the idea for killer whales proved fatal, as within a year, Keiko became ill with pneumonia and died near the coast of Norway. At the tomb of the famous killer whale in the town of khalas her fans had erected a monument to the legendary actor-the whale.

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Beethoven from the movie. Bernard Chris was chosen from 12 contenders for the role in the movie “Beethoven”. Inclinations of the artist the dog Director noticed immediately, because he could easily fly out through the window to faint on command and lick the food off the table. But despite all the skills of Chris, the preparation for filming took 6 months.

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Bengal tiger king from the movie “Life of PI”. Probably many people know that during the filming of the movie “Life of PI” the tiger king never crossed paths with the main character. Pictures with characters were filmed separately, after which they on the computer were combined into one. By the way, king nearly drowned during filming, but thanks to the coordinated work of the crew, a tragedy was avoided.

Frank from the movie “Men in black”. Real name funny pug from “Men in black” mush. It turned out, this dog can be taught to mimic human emotions and bark on command, which helped to remove a 90-second scene where Mushu sang a song.

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