Top most dangerous smartphones: “favorite model of the Ukrainians fell in the rating”

Топ самых опасных смартфонов: "любимые модели украинцев попали в антирейтинг"

Experts told, what smartphones are the most dangerous to humans

Over the last 5-10 years smartphones have become for the person the device is hard to give up for a couple of minutes. However, there was always the thorny issue of safety of such “relations” with gadgets, according to “”.

So, analysts Statista showed a new rating of the most dangerous smartphones from the point of view of influence on the human body. Of course, we are talking about radiation.

Топ самых опасных смартфонов: "любимые модели украинцев попали в антирейтинг"

Experts from Statista measured specific absorption rate of electromagnetic radiation (Specific absorption rate, or SAR), the unit of which is watt per kilogram.

According to studies, the most radiant smartphone is Xiaomi Mi A1 with a coefficient of 1.75 W/kg, followed by OnePlus 5T — 1.63 W/kg, then Xiaomi Mi 3 Max — 1.58 W/kg, then OnePlus 6T — 1.55 W/kg. Five closes of HTC life U12 with a score of 1.48 W/kg In different countries, the SAR limit is at different levels. So in the US the acceptable radiation is 1.6 W/kg in Europe is 2 W/kg.

It is worth mentioning that the developer of luxury phones and smartphones Caviar (Russia) presented the camera, when you look at that you can only say: mere mortals on the earn Button “Tsar-phone” called “Vladimir the Gold” in honor of Prince Vladimir. The price of the phone in the hryvnia – about 115 000.

Previously, scientists at the University of Toledo in the USA have found that blue light, which emit screens of smartphones in the night causes loss of vision due to the formation of toxic forms of retinal chemical substances contained in the cells of the retina.

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Топ самых опасных смартфонов: "любимые модели украинцев попали в антирейтинг"

Occurs with age macular degeneration (AMD), which degrades visual acuity and is responsible for about half of the cases of blindness in people over 55 years. Thus there is the withering away of blood vessels that feed the retinal cells. It is believed that light in the blue, blue and violet range of the spectrum is aggravated disorders of the retina, however, scientists did not know how this impact seriously.

Recall, Nokia has introduced a powerful answer from Xiaomi, there were photos of new items.

As he wrote Politeka, scientists have come up with innovative labels, which form a touchpad on human skin.

Also Politeka wrote that in the network appeared information about the new Intel Core processors, with a record number of cores.

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