Top beauty secrets of Japanese women: how to stay forever young

Топ-секретов красоты японок: как оставаться вечно молодой

“Not aging” Japanese women have a separate list of their beauty secrets, which can be used, regardless of nationality

Today, Japan ranks second in life expectancy: on average, the Japanese live 83.5 years, behind the leadership of Hong Kong (84). Surprisingly, in the late nineteenth century this figure was much less — the Japanese did not live more than 40-50 years, and after forty women and men became an old man. The modern inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun live much longer and look perfect, but about the forever young and amazing slim Japanese women and even legends.

How Japanese women manage 40 to look 20? First, Japan’s high standard of living. Secondly, the Japanese love themselves. And finally, Japanese girls religiously observe three rules: eat only healthy food, exercise regularly and “from childhood” to competently care for their appearance. In our article 7 secrets of beauty for Japanese women, who should take note.

Secret No. 1: the basis of Japanese diet of vegetables and cereals

Everyone who comes to Japan, wonder what they eat here a lot, but not fat. This is due primarily to characteristics of the diet. In the menu of Japanese have a lot of seasonal plant foods (vegetables, legumes, fruit), fish, seafood, cereals, in particular rice of very high quality. If the table is served the main dish, meat or fish in it will be about 30%, the rest is vegetables. The second, equally important factor: the Japanese kitchen is the kitchen fast food. This method of cooking allows you to save the maximum amount of nutrients. Moreover, in the cooking process are not practically used salt and spices. Meals complement the light “condiments” on the basis of soy sauce, and vegetable oils.

Топ-секретов красоты японок: как оставаться вечно молодой

Secret # 2: philosophy of proper nutrition Japanese women are taught from childhood

As soon as the child enters kindergarten or school, they’re taught to healthy, natural food. Great attention is paid to ensure that he ate everything. Develop a system of preschool and school nutrition, nutritionists who are very gently expand your baby’s diet. For example, two very popular products are offered to choose one and eat half portions. Moreover, every month the parents student will receive from the nutritionist table, which describes in detail which foods and how much you need to eat them to Chad.

Secret # 3: Japanese women taking dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements take about 90% of the inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun. All Supplements are subject to rigorous security checks: to enter the market by the manufacturer company tests its supplements for 10 years. Very popular in Japan, dietary Supplements are “tired”. And you can buy not only the drugs for the course, but also liquid systems that it is enough to drink once to recover quickly. They include extracts of ginseng, red pepper, ginger. To prolong the youth the Japanese take SUPPLEMENTS with enzymes and Pro – and prebiotics (the latter heals the intestinal microflora). For beauty prescribed Supplement with collagen, hyaluronic acid and placenta extract. Daily ritual — more receiving portions of fiber. Crude fiber sold in Japan in the form of dry powders that must be diluted with water.

Топ-секретов красоты японок: как оставаться вечно молодой

Secret # 4: any time of the year, Japanese women protect skin from the sun

While we are struggling to sunbathe, Yes it’s dark, Japanese girls sun banned. No Japanese woman will not work outside without effective protection from UV rays: face creams with SPF — a must-have even in cloudy rainy weather.

Secret No. 5: Japanese skin care — ritual

According to Japanese philosophy, the body is given for temporary use, therefore, needs to be treated carefully as possible. Therefore, the skin care of Japanese women — a real ritual, an important stage of which is a multistage purification. Using gel, removes surface dirt and makeup, after on the face is foam, which is soft, but quite deep cleanses the skin. In the next stage, blotted movements to apply the serum.

Completes the withdrawal of the closing means is a gel, lotion or cream the gel structure. It protects the skin and lock in moisture. Japanese women are very fond of leave-in masks that are worn overnight and affect the skin for 10-12 hours. And another interesting point: on the dressing table Japanese you will never see assorted set of lotions, serums and creams — all funds must be from one line. This is due to the fact that any Japanese: the complex is developed taking into account the fact that each subsequent component is added to the previous action.

Топ-секретов красоты японок: как оставаться вечно молодой

Secret # 6: Japanese women use cosmetics with only natural ingredients

In their formulas of Japanese cosmetics manufacturers skillfully combine natural ingredients with the latest achievements of science. Why Japanese makeup does not contain preservatives. As a basis, manufacturers often use an extract of porcine or equine placenta, peptides or plant extracts. But, despite such a tender love for everything natural, Japanese is unlikely to make a mask of cucumber or strawberries. Such “folk” recipes Japanese girls are treated with great caution because they do not know how many pesticides, hormones and other chemicals.

Secret No. 7: Japanese women reasonably relate to aesthetic procedures

To peels, injections, laser effects and surgery Japanese women is extremely negative. First, it is expensive, and secondly, the Japanese think such methods are too aggressive for the body. Instead, the majority of the residents of the Country of the rising sun prefer to amplify the resources of her own body with the help of natural remedies on the outside, using cosmetics deep penetration with the same placenta and peptides, and from the inside by taking supplements. And the most demanded procedure in the Japanese beauty rooms — massage.

Recall of nutrition for your skin type: the main recommendations for all.

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