Top 8 Favorite Celebrities Who Are Now Hated

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 Top 8 Favorite Celebs Who Are Now Hated

Many celebrities once achieved incredible success and became the favorites of the public, but over time their fame has faded and even scandals surfaced, for which they are now hated.

Nerbeauty edition presented the top 8 such celebrities.

1. Katy Perry
A couple of years ago, the singer shone in the music arena with colorful outfits, funny music videos and songs that were on everyone's lips. Disappointment to the fans brought her album Witness. The level of popularity has fallen, the singles are no longer so memorable. She ended up cutting her hair and acting weird.

2.Lena Dunham
The actress and director were praised for the film "Girls". She became incredibly successful, but then her fame turned her head. She began to act recklessly on social networks, saying very juicy things and even defending a guy who was accused of rape.

3. Amy Schumer

The female comedian was extremely popular due to her great jokes. She was considered a real breakthrough. But over time, her jokes got tired, losing their uniqueness and poignancy, when she began to pay a lot of attention to the genitals and sex.

4. Adam Sandler
Favorite actor who played in comedies, was perceived as a cute fool. Later, he surprised everyone with roles in the dramas "Drunken Love" and "Power over me". But disappointment came later, when he began acting in truly stupid and unfunny films. Fans are frustrated by the fact that it looks like he's only filming for the money.

5. Kanye West

The rapper was always a little weird and spoke wildly. However, after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the musician slipped into anti-Semitism, causing anger around the world. And his music is no longer catchy.

6. Kevin Spacey

The talented star of “House of Cards” who could do the most incredible roles. Allegations of sexual harassment have marked his popularity.

7. Johnny Depp
Having captured the hearts of millions of fans and female fans around the world with legendary roles in all sorts of cult films, his eccentric charm seems to have begun to fade. The actor was hit hard by the scandalous divorce from Amber Heard, and the victory in court does not seem to have helped his reputation.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow
The actress starred in many interesting films. Then she began to give advice on a healthy lifestyle and even founded her own company called Goop, which sells various powders and supplements at incredible prices. Fans' love for the celebrity faded instantly. Now many have forgotten about it and even began to hate it.

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