Top 5 products that are brought in the list of hazardous unfairly

Топ-5 продуктов, которые занесли в список вредных незаслуженно

The experts identified 5 items that are undeservedly considered harmful

We often seek advice on the Internet, listen to the statements of others and based on the information received refuse those or other products. However, there are a vegetables and fruits, which actually does no harm.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые занесли в список вредных незаслуженно

Opens the list is soy, which is accused of dangerous genetic modifications. Doctors claim that the product actually does no harm and is safe. Also all charges in the alleged content of harmful substances in verhnerportovaya quantities was coined by the usual crooks who want to earn money on misinformation.

The second mistakenly harmful product is palm oil. Most often, the network can find the information that this oil is a simple “cheap vegetable oil”. He is credited with blockage of blood vessels, atherosclerosis and even the ability for life to accumulate in the body.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые занесли в список вредных незаслуженно

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But in fact, it does not provoke the development of such problems. Worldwide actively apply the different types of palm oil, which is famous for low price and no need to thicken it for baking with harmful treatment with hydrogen.

Also in the list of unjustly accused harm products was pasta. In most cases, people believe that the product may trigger the development in our body fat. This view is true only in part. For example, products that were produced in former Soviet countries differs significantly from the European products. For example, in Italy the situation is that the word macaroni is permitted to apply exclusively to the products, made of expensive durum wheat.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые занесли в список вредных незаслуженно

Among the unjustly “accused” of the products were potatoes. Usually this vegetable is considered harmful due to the presence of starch in it. In reality, however, potatoes should not be considered “empty” is a vegetable, because even after he is fried, it will remain quite useful for the organism substances.

Last on the list of “accused” products will become the egg. According to statistics, the vast majority of society somehow believes that they increase the risk of arteriosclerosis and cause coronary heart disease.

Studies conducted in recent decades indicate quite different: the level of cholesterol in foods as the amount in the blood almost nothing to do, if we talk about healthy people. This product can be officially considered safe.

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