Top 10 winter products from Maadanei Mania!

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 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

In winter, you always want something especially tasty and satisfying. Whether it's an evening with the family, a gathering at a party or a meeting with friends – hot dishes are now served at the table, and for dessert, warm pies, tarts and other seasonal delicacies. We at Maadaney Mania have prepared for you ten winter foods that will warm your body and soul!

1.Vita Quince Jam (NIS 24.90*)

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

2.Coppenrath & Freeze Wiese (NIS 55.90)

 Top 10 winter products from Maadanei Mania!

This is generally a brilliant semi-finished product. Frozen pies are advised to reheat in the oven for 30 minutes before use. And after these 30 minutes, a cake appears on your table no worse than from fashionable cakery (from the words cake and bakery), and many times cheaper. Quite unsweetened, juicy inside, with a little crunchy shortcrust pastry on the sides. Plum/apple walnut/cottage cheese pie from the famous German bakery Coppenrath & Frozen Wiese (59 nis instead of 69, 90 nis/over 1kg).

3.Gaash burrata (19.9 nis)

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

Very high quality and very “correct” according to the consistency of an Israeli-made burrata with a rich creamy taste. It is in no way inferior to burrata, which are served in good restaurants, and is strikingly different in price from prices in other delicatessens. Individually wrapped burrata ball – 19.9 shekels. Perfect size for “burrata salad” to the company. Look on the shelves with ready-made dairy products and packaged cheeses!

4. Hungarian Pastrama (NIS 11.9 per 100 gr)

 Top 10 winter products from Maadani Mania!

This delicacy is made and baked according to an old Hungarian recipe with garlic, ground black pepper and nutmeg, which give the meat a special flavor. It can be cut into thin slices for sandwiches or cold meats, or reheated or baked in the oven and served as a hot dish. Pairs well with black bread, boiled potatoes, green onions, fresh cucumbers, etc.

5.Queen Harbor Premium Quality Salmon Fillet

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

Queen Harbor – a product of Royal Nordic, a leading manufacturer of products from fresh Norwegian salmon without the use of dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers – appeared on the shelves of our store Maadaney Mania quite recently. The assortment includes lightly salted salmon and cold and hot smoked salmon, all in individual vacuum packages of 140-150g, which allow you to store fish at home in the refrigerator for as long as you need. The salmon is hand-cooked with dry salting, no preservatives, and no weight gain injections.
The price for a pack of Queen Harbor salmon fillet is NIS 29.90

6. Greenshell Mussels, New Zealand (NIS 59.90)

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

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Another semi-finished product, I want to say, of the “new generation”: mussels on the half of the shell – a ready-made dish with minimal effort. The preparation method is simple and short as ever: defrost and steam for 3 minutes. Ready. The mussels themselves are large, juicy and tasty. Such a dish will definitely decorate both a festive table and an elegant dinner on a weekday. Decoration, which was spent only 59.9 shekels and a total of 5 minutes of time with laying out on a plate and adding lemon juice to taste.

7. Sparkling wine “French Boulevard” (NIS 24.90)

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

This sparkling “plays” and wins in terms of price and quality. With a low price (only 24.9 shekels per bottle), this wine has proven itself to be of good quality and has been occupying its niche in the market for many years. The branches of Maadaney Mania offer a wide range of varieties: dry, sweet, semi-sweet – choose any to your taste!

8. Dumplings “Homemade” Maadaney Mania (NIS 16.90)

 Top 10 Winter Products from Maadanei Mania!

Our signature juicy and fragrant dumplings have an important feature – they are “really very similar to homemade”. And this is not what we think, this is what our customers say! That same homemade taste will delight all lovers of this dish, and careful attention to each ingredient makes literally every dumpling perfect. Be sure to try! Only until 31.01.2023 Pelmeni Maadney Mania Russian/Homemade 16.90/800 gr.

9. Babuni Cherry (NIS 29.90)

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

Simply excellent cherry tincture – not very strong (18%), sweetish and with a bright taste and aroma of cherries. It is very cool to have in a home bar along with strong alcohol, which not everyone drinks. And, as with strong alcohol, many interesting alcoholic cocktails can be mixed on the basis of such a liquor. Try, for example, adding a drop of cognac to the liqueur – it compensates for the sweetness and gives the drink texture. For those who prefer, on the contrary, “facilitate” strong alcohol, liquor can be safely added to champagne! The range of Maadaney Mania includes cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry liqueurs.

10.Volkovskaya brewery craft beer in assortment 19.90 NIS/2 bottles

 Maadaney Mania's Top 10 Winter Products!

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The Volkovskaya brewery is a wonderful example of how love for a business adorns any of its results. The brewery, or to be more precise, the creative laboratory, creates recipes for every taste. Even if you are “not a beer drinker”, one of the bottles will surely unlock the door to your heart. Like door keys, each taste is unique: bright and rich aromas, pronounced hop bitterness, or, conversely, gentle, muffled notes with a multi-level aftertaste.

Classics choose Beer “IPA”A well hopped Indian Pale Ale with a bright and rich tropical fruit aroma. Powerful taste, in which well-defined hop bitterness is revealed in a wide range from tropical fruits to meadow flowers. Intense and dry hop aftertaste.

Romantic natures in search of something cherry take Cherry ale “Mishenka Pod Cherry”– A cherry ale that has a pronounced sweet and sour taste, quite refreshing and not too cloying. The aftertaste is bitter, almond with noticeable tones of cherry pits. The aroma of our ale is delicious, light, fruity.

However, it is always better to try once than to hear many times. Come and choose yours!

Special discounts in all branches of Maadanei Mania for a delicious end of the week from 17.01 to 21.01.2023:

*The indicated prices are valid until 01/31/2023 or until the end of the stock in accordance with the assortment of each branch. There may be errors in the ad. Prices listed in the store are final.

**Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health and can be life threatening.

***Photos are for illustrative purposes only

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