Tonya Matviyenko has finally revealed the eldest daughter, “gave birth to a teenager”

Тоня Матвиенко наконец показала старшую дочь: «родила еще подростком»

Tonya Matvienko told about the daughter gave birth at the age of seventeen

In the Ukrainian show-business decided to put my personal life. The audience likes to gather juicy gossip and to collect the intimate details of life star. But, we all know that this fame is fleeting and doubtful.

Famous Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko still held, but still revealed the secret to the audience. Occurred the only case when the artist decided to tell the world a secret that few know. Her daughter Ulyana was twenty years old. According to Matvienko, a small difference in age did mother and daughter best friends (Tonya gave birth to Ulyana in 17 years).

“USSA is my pride! Smart, athletic, kind, hardworking and sociable. Everything that was taken, she quickly mastered. Imagine in 4 years Juliana has raced through the woods on a two-Wheeler, 12 drove the car on the mechanics and 16 fought in a kickboxing competition! For that, we nicknamed her “rocket”. I love my girl!” says Tonya.

Тоня Матвиенко наконец показала старшую дочь: «родила еще подростком»

It is worth noting that Juliana 16 years on their own earns. Now she is studying in Kiev national University of culture and arts, specialty “Directing pop and mass celebrations”.

In my free time, daughter of Tonya Matvienko likes to relax by painting pictures. Her favorite music genres girls — techno and house. Favorite artists — Boris Brecha, Karina Istomina and Nastia.

Тоня Матвиенко наконец показала старшую дочь: «родила еще подростком»

Earlier also, the verge has published a touching Instagram photo of her two and a half year old daughter with a new trendy hairstyle. In the photo two-year-old girl posing in a pink blouse with a unicorn and stylish sunglasses, while making lips “duck”.

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We will remind, Nina is the daughter of Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan — was born on 15 January 2016. The girl was named after her grandmother’s star. Tonya Matvienko and Arsen Mirzoyan got married in 2017. In Arsen Mirzoyan from his first marriage, also has two sons — Vlad and Tom.

We will remind, Arsen Mirzoyan and Tonya Matvienko is one of the most beautiful couples in the Ukrainian show business.

As reported Politeka known singer Arsen Mirzoyan made a traffic accident.

Also Politeka wrote that Matvienko and Monatik “lit” together.

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