Tomer Sisley, the post Instagram that will not please Francois Hollande

Tomer Sisley, the post Instagram that will not please Francois Hollande
Tomer Sisley, the post Instagram that will not please Francois Hollande
It is a classic, before each presidential election, many artists take position and commit themselves in favor of a candidate. Actor Tomer Sisley chose another method, he says for which party he will not vote. He seems not to have been convinced by the mandate of François Hollande and lets know with a lot of irony.

If one does not know for whom he will vote, one knows in any case for whom he will not vote. Tomer Sisley, the actor of the Largo Winch saga , has just published a note to those who do not yet know who to choose during the first round of the presidential election on Sunday, April 23.

And to spread his message, he chose as always, Instagram. We were more used to the social network of the photo, to see his sweet words addressed to his companion, Sandra Zeitoun of Matteis , humor being rather the mark of the latter on social networks , but we must admit that Tomer Sisley we Surprises on this last post. Rather than making a long speech, he chose to summarize his political thought in a small potache joke, for the attention of the current president François Hollande, and his envoy of the Socialist Party in this campaign, Benoît Hamon .

” According to Albert Einstein’s calculations, if you run naked around a tree at a speed of 298 km / second, there is a possibility of sodomizing yourself … But if you are not Sportsmen, you can in 2017 reverse socialist to get exactly the same result. ”

These words are not those of Tomer Sisley, this story has been circulating for a long time on social networks. The actor contented himself with taking them up on his own account. Not sure that it appeals to the socialist voters, already saddened by the numerous defections of support attracted by the smell of victory in the opposing camps. Nor is it certain that this type of joke suits his audience. That’s probably why Tomer Sisley quickly withdrew this publication from his account. Too bad, the reporters of the Huffington Post had already made a screenshot, visible in the pictures above.

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