“Tomato accident”: tons of scattered tomatoes provoked a massive accident

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A tomato truck overturned in the US state of California. As a result, about several tons of fruits were scattered all over the track, and other cars quickly turned them into a red goo, which turned out to be so slippery that it provoked several more accidents.

According to preliminary data, the truck collided with another car , after which he lost control, drove beyond the median strip and rolled over, hitting a concrete bump stop. As a result, all the cargo from the open body ended up on the road.

California is famous for its vegetables, and all the tomatoes were large, the size of a fist. They covered a section of the track about 60 meters long with a continuous layer.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the accident occurred at night, so other drivers simply did not notice the fruits under the wheels in the dark.

Fast enough ripe tomatoes turned into tomato paste with impurities up to half a meter deep. In total, the victims of the “insidious vegetable” seven vehicles were involved.

Three people, including the truck driver, received minor injuries, and another needed hospitalization.

To eliminate the consequences of the incident, the local police had to completely block the highway, which immediately led to huge traffic jams. To clean the roadway, public utilities first scraped off the tomato mass with an excavator bucket, and then covered it with absorbent.

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