Tom Cruise suspected of abuse of botox

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Tom Cruise was suspected of botox abuse < p>

Cruz has become another victim of plastic surgery.

American actor and producer Tom Cruise was spotted at a baseball game with his son. While the star was talking and taking pictures with fans, a discussion about his appearance broke out on the network, reports with a link to the Observer.

Users of the social network Twitter suspected the artist of excessive use of Botox in order to preserve his youth. To this conclusion, they were prompted by the swollen face of the 59-year-old star & # 171; Mission: Impossible & # 187 ;.

The actor's appearance changed so much that many people suspected deception on the part of the author of the photo. The well-known American insider Mike Sington said that Cruz was another victim of plastic surgery.

& # 171; Tom Cruise became an extreme Hollywood star who disfigured his face with fillers to look younger & # 187; – commented on the photo of the actor Mike.

 Tom Cruise was suspected of abuse of botox

Recall that the celebrity was suspected earlier in the abuse of botox. 5 years ago, at the BAFTA award ceremony, a man shocked fans with a change in appearance, which caused rumors to spread about his weakness for & # 171; beauty injections & # 187 ;.

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