Toilet corrector: a strange device for dressing amused network

Туалетний коректор: дивний пристрій для вбиральні розвеселив мережу

Amazing invention for public restrooms

Many people are embarrassed to go in public restrooms, therefore, there are creative devices that help to reduce the amount of noise and any evidence of its presence. But this device is knocked users off.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname rightcoastguy shared photos of the unusual facilities for the public toilets. In a short time the note went up in the trends and gathered more than 30 thousand views and over 800 comments.

“For entertainment I create unnecessary things. Meet toilet concealer for those who want to use the toilet a little more anonymously”, – said the author under the special equipment, which makes the steps less noisy. And until someone wondered from such a creative, someone said the author, you can learn how a guy who goes to the toilet with bags on his feet.

For fun I design unnecessary products, meet the Crapper Concealer for those who like to use the bathroom a little more anonymously. from r/funny

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