Together with a 6-year-old son: a couple from Kfar Qasem robbed dozens of apartments

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 Together with their 6-year-old son: couple from Kfar Qasem robbed dozens of apartments

The Israeli police announced the arrest of a group of dangerous bandits who specialized in robbing houses and apartments in the north and center of the country.< br />
At the head of the gang were the spouses – the inhabitants of Kfar Qasem. They brought their own six-year-old son to the cause. The robberies also involved two residents of PAV, whom the spouses provided with lodging for the night and aimed them at those apartments that should have been robbed.

The bandits were identified using surveillance camera records.

For gang intercepts were set up roadblocks on Highway 6. The bandits, seeing them, abandoned the car and tried to go on foot to Dzhaljulia. They were seen from a police helicopter and after a chase they were arrested in the center of Jaljulia.

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