Todorenko showed what does at home: “While men are sleeping”

Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

Regina todorenko, who has been living and building a career in Russia, showed her husband Vlad Topalov in the beauty

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko often pleases fans of the soulful confessions on the page in Instagram, the joint photo shoot with her husband, Russian musician Vlad Topalov, and slowly reveals the details of his new projects, shows photos of family everyday life and shows his entire family.

This time the singer Regina todorenko decided to show the fans your home to show family videos in the kitchen with mom. The video and a few photos the star of an eagle and Tails has published in his Instagram Stories.

Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

So, the singer showed a video and pictures of her with your mom for dinner. Do not forget to show the artist exactly what they ordered. Then also Todorenko has shown to work on another show and forgot to mention my stylist’s assistant that “suggests her beauty.”

Also in the “stories” stars in the social network Instagram appeared a photo on which Todorenko vividly described their everyday lives, noting that while her man sleep, she can “wash your hair and shave your legs”.

Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

We will remind, earlier it was also reported that in his personal account in the popular social network – a young mother Regina todorenko shares photos taken during the pregnancy.

The TV star also tells of his adventures during pregnancy and gives advice to young, inexperienced moms that you can do, and what not during pregnancy.

This time the TV seems to have decided to distract from the topic of motherhood and tell how she, along with her husband visited in Odessa.

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Тодоренко показала, чем занимается дома: "Пока мужчины спят"

So, this time the star shared with fans a warm family photo from Odessa. The actress confessed that they with husband Vlad Topalov having a good time in her hometown, bringing together the many relatives.

In the picture of Regina and Vlad captured in a restaurant surrounded by his large family — in the frame of about 20 people.

“In Odessa we meet every day at a family lunch or dinner. It’s so soulful, I love the hubbub , a noise, a fuss and a bit clumsy relatives))) ❤ my family Now has become more in 2 or even 3 times 🙈 It is a great happiness 😆

And as cool as anywhere in the world, far from home, understand that they are always waiting for you I 🙈 with these hormones has become a super sentimental 😆☺good but Oh… Just love a big loud family and I want everyone to be healthy! Gather often with your loved ones and may meetings will be warm.

I want to Express my gratitude for the hospitality and delicious food in the restaurant @marani_restoran 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 well, nursing mother, the doctors allowed to eat kebab 🙈❤I ❤I ❤this#regeneradora,” said Todorenko under the.

Fans of the former leading “eagle and Tails” were cut to a photo of her and the warm words and wished always to remain so positive and natural. Some also doubted whether Regina is located in Odessa and suggested that the picture was taken in Moscow, where he lives Todorenko.

Recall that the popular TV presenter Regina todorenko after a recent birth had decided to lose weight and already shows first successes.

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As he wrote Politeka wrote the famous Ukrainian leading Regina todorenko actively engaged in their own page in Instagram, posting pics and videos.

Politeka also reported that on 28 December, the world saw this year’s final edition of the show “Friday with Regina”.

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