Todorenko said, what a girl wants on February 14: “It’s cool”

Тодоренко рассказала, чего хотят девушки на 14 февраля: "Это круто"

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko gave advice on the perfect gifts for girls on February 14

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On the eve of Valentine’s Day Regina todorenko talked to the journalist and answered intriguing questions. So, the famous TV presenter spoke about how, in her opinion, gifts should give girls on February 14.

Тодоренко рассказала, чего хотят девушки на 14 февраля: "Это круто"

“To give all that your heart desires. Any gift is attention, the expression of feelings. Therefore, if a girl give extreme skydiving is cool. If a girl give a ball is also nice. Recently, I saw a movie where the boy rides the pizza to the girl and flowers. Damn, this is also a sign of attention, even though he’s not pretentious, as we probably got used to stereotypes. Therefore, any sign of attention – that’s good. The main thing that the man was proactive. And when he’s sleepy – that’s the trouble,” said Todorenko.

The problem with passive men, according to Ukrainian TV presenter, is that they can absolutely nothing to give a girl, to which feed on sympathy.

The famous Russian singer Vlad Topalov, who is the spouse of the Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko and the father of her child, surprised network its the.

So, on his page in social network Instagram, the singer said that he feels an outcast in his own house. While this photo of the artist posing in a medical mask.

Тодоренко рассказала, чего хотят девушки на 14 февраля: "Это круто"

Under the photo of the actor also said that due to his illness he has now to be alone in another part of the house so he can even come close to the little son not to infect.

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As you know, the famous couple recently born baby.

We will remind, Buzova boasted the cover of Playboy and not only.

As reported Рoliteka, Vlad Topalov was involved in a scandal because of flirting with a famous beauty.

Also Рoliteka wrote that Topalov said what all day.

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