Todorenko revealed how her son and congratulated him on his birthday

Тодоренко показала, как кормит сына и поздравила его с днем рождения

Todorenko revealed how her son and congratulated him on his birthday
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Baby was born 5 December 2018.

Presenter Regina todorenko originally congratulated son Michael’s first birthday, published in Instagram photo, where breastfeeds.

– Happy Birthday to all our big family. Exactly a year ago to us from the heavens descended an angel! His name is Michael, Michelle, Mike… For me is the biggest happiness is to be a mom to such a wonderful person. Thank you for choosing us, thank you so abruptly changed our lives, my dad and I love you infinitely much! Be better than us, be above us, be cool, be stronger and more successful, just be yourself, and we will support you in all your endeavors! – reads the post.

It is possible that the picture was taken on the set of the next season of the YouTube show “Friday with Regina”, in between which the artist is not once fed her son. Previously, Regina was told that her baby is growing at an unusual kid conditions, which vary depending on the work schedules of the presenter and her husband, the Russian singer Vlad Topalov.

The contractor is also dedicated to Michael post in Instagram, which asked the son to protect his mother and gave some advice for the future.

Every day for the past year was an absolute fairy tale! Incredible! Interesting! Yes, of course, at times, unbearably difficult! But fantastic! You have THE greatest MOM IN the world! I really hope you’re reading this is an adult once. Take care of your mum! Love her and respect! It makes the FEAT for you EVERY day of your life! You gave us a new love! Remember, you owe us nothing! It is OUR choice! Our joy and happiness for you! You’re free! You are the person! And my mom and I want to be with you! To help, support and love! WE have to help you to find and to feel “yourself”! Be better than us! Be smarter, more successful, kinder and brighter! I pray to God that we made it! And more! Please, be healthy. I love you more than life! Literally! Always your dad – wrote the singer.

Vlad and Regina have legalized their relationship in October 2018, and ten months later played a lavish wedding in Italy. The couple called the son of Mikhail (Michael) in honor of his father Vlad.

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The publication from Vlad Topalov (@vladtopalovofficial)


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