Todorenko banned Topalov to see his son: “Lie alone”

Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

The famous Russian singer Vlad Topalov, who is the spouse of the Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko and the father of her child, surprised network its the

So, on his page in social network Instagram, the singer said that he feels an outcast in his own house. While this photo of the artist posing in a medical mask.

Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

Under the photo of the actor also said that due to his illness he has now to be alone in another part of the house so he can even come close to the little son not to infect:

“Well, I fell……😢🤷🏼♂️😡 lying alone in another part of the house….. I was not allowed anywhere. Exit is not allowed…. standard procedure….. tea, honey, lemon, ginger, injections, psycally… and so on 🙈 #vlachopoulou #vladtopalov not get sick! With God!” – written by the artist.

Netizens began actively to support the singer and wish him a speedy recovery. The fans also praised the artist and said that it’s right that it protects the health of your baby.

“Get sick, too . The horror of it , only recently discharged from the hospital and again 🌚😷”, “Health and happiness to your wonderful family💞🙏”, “have Not read all the comments above, but what I want to say. I also have a small child and our father is also sick. Frequent airing, oil and Breathe GW, and that was a close one.☺ Get well!2, “get Well soon!! Lalke need a healthy😎 folder”, “get well Vlad!!!”, “then I said, I have to remove the mask, and something more to hurt you. Take off the mask)).”, “Get well soon!”, – write users.

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Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

Earlier, we wrote that the artist could not stand to close scrutiny by not only fans but also haters. In connection with this man emotionally appealed to all those users who criticized his family, calling them “disgusting”.

Vlad also added that he wants the haters to have “appeared at least some brains.”

Тодоренко запретила Топалову видеться с сыном: "Лежу один"

“Every word, every emotion, every action returns to us. I have a question for you. Since you are all so smart and brave, and most importantly, daring.

Situation. At the traffic lights. Rows of machines. The person without a certain residence (presumed) , he’s a BUM, walks between the cars and asking for help. Suddenly, a window of a taxi. From there, the driver begins to yell obscenities at the man. Then starts out the window to beat him a large plastic bottle. The homeless man shouts something in response and begins to brush off and then hits him in response to my cardboard. He spits out the window. There will be a million different opinions and comments.

I sat and watched all this thought. Realizing that there is no right and wrong. We don’t know the situation and have no right to judge. Conflict does not have time to go far away, light turned green. Otherwise, I would, of course, came to break it up.

No one here will be able to find the truth.

The moral of today is this: none OF US has the right to judge and , especially, to judge them and US! We have no right to insult and humiliate each other on level ground. Express HEALTHY criticism is always possible and necessary. But polite and appropriate. And to reveal the “cakehole” as my Father says, is simply wrong. The last couple of days I was shocked. Reading your comments I want to say to those who dared to insult women and me — you disgust me. Disgusting. I wish you wisdom and at least some brains. Goodbye. #vtteam,” wrote Topalov under his post.

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We will remind, Buzova boasted the cover of Playboy and not only.

As reported Рoliteka, Vlad Topalov was involved in a scandal because of flirting with a famous beauty.

Also Рoliteka wrote that Topalov said what all day.

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