Today is the Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger: how to celebrate

 Today is Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger: how to celebrate

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The Year of the Black Water (Blue) Tiger will come according to the Chinese calendar on Tuesday, February 1st. This year will last until January 22, 2023. Today in China, holidays and festive events will begin for the New Year, which will come on February 1. In China, they will rest until February 6, but in general, festive events will last at least two weeks.

Celebrating the holiday will begin on January 31 – it's New Year's Eve, and the celebration will end on February 15 with the Lantern Festival. In China, they will celebrate not 2022, but 4720.

On the eve of the holiday, houses are cleaned and decorated with special red couplets. – these are paired wishes that are hung on the doors. In the evening, the whole family gathers at the festive table, on which there are always jiaozi dumplings and fish. Children are presented with red Hongbao envelopes, inside of which are cards with wishes and money.

You can’t miss the arrival of the New Year, so no one sleeps on a festive night in China. It is believed that it is necessary to “protect the year” and do not miss your happiness.

After the New Year, fireworks and firecrackers begin to be launched, as well as offering rituals to ancestors.

The next day, visits to relatives, friends and festive events begin . They will return to work in China only after February 6.

On this day, it is customary to give paired gifts that symbolize unity and family harmony. But at the same time, you need to avoid the number 4 – it is symbolized in China with death.

You need to go on a visit with your tangerines and give them to the owners, and they in return give them their tangerines – it is a symbol of financial prosperity.

To correctly make a wish for the New Year, formulate it in advance and do not be afraid to make what you asked for earlier. Write down your wish on paper and at exactly 23:03 say everything that you want to receive in the new year.

Before the New Year, put yourself in order, light candles and put on clothes that the Tiger will definitely like. You can leave a note with a desire to check the performance in a year. Or you can burn it and scatter the ashes in the wind with the words: “My wish is granted!” ; you can wash away all the luck. Children should not be allowed to cry or get very upset – it will bring bad luck. Also, you can not ask for money in debt or take loans.

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