Today comes into force a new edition of the Ukrainian orthography

Сегодня вступает в силу новая редакция украинского правописания

The Ministry of education asks citizens already use the new version of Ukrainian spelling.

Today the final text of the new edition of the Ukrainian orthography will be published on the official websites of the Ministry of education and science and the National Academy of Sciences, the press service of the Ministry, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“From this point it is recommended to apply the rules and regulations of the new edition of Spelling in all spheres of public life, particularly in official-business style of speech. At the same time now developing a plan of implementation of the new edition of the Ukrainian orthography. This document, in particular, will be provided the terms and stages of introduction of changes into the educational process”, — stated in the message.

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Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet approved changes in the spelling. The new edition was developed on the basis of the Ukrainian spelling with the “latest linguistic phenomena”.

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