Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Bråthen:

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Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Bråthen:

In 2016, “Exit” actress Tobias Santelmann (40) and cohabitant Jennifer Bråthen (42) bought an apartment together centrally in the popular Lille Tøyen Hageby in Oslo. The price was seven million kroner.

Now, just over five years later, they have sold the home – with a price estimate of 13 million kroner.

Pointed to and laughed at

It reports Good evening Norway, who has not managed to get in touch with Santelmann and Bråthen. Santelmann has also not responded to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

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Completely renovated

According to the website, the coveted garden city has a high price tag. It also houses several other celebrities, including Kristin Skogheim, Tore Sagen and Live Nelvik.

According to the sale advertisement, the cooperative home extends over two floors and is a total of 103 square meters. It was completely renovated in 2016/2017.

Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Bråthen:

– I’m a normal, boring type

«Architect-designed garden city home with gorgeous details. Implemented with modern solutions. Direct access to a pretty, sheltered garden “, it says in the ad about the home, which includes three bedrooms.

Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Bråthen:

Did you see these mistakes?

Flirting on the toilet

In 2015 wrote See and listen that Santelmann and Bråthen in their time met in some unusual way, namely by one coincidence on the common toilet at the Torshov Theater.

– I’m standing on the toilet when I hear a lady arguing with a guy about the queue location. “But my girlfriend is in here,” she says, knocking and I, a little dazed, let her in. She slips in and asks me to turn around. She does what she has to do, while I stand staring at the dove wall. So when we got out, we had to play boyfriends. It was the first time we met, he explained to the magazine MANN at the time.

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He continued:

– Nothing happened then, but when we met again by another coincidence the following week, we agreed that coincidences had done their thing. Eight months later we bought an apartment together.

The two appeared together for the first time at the Oscars in the USA in 2013, and just over two years later had their daughter Alma together.

Tobias Santelmann and Jennifer Bråthen:

The tricks you do not see on the screen

In addition to “Exit”, Santelmann has starred in major films such as “Murders in the Congo” and “Kon-Tiki”. He also starred in the TV series “Acquitted”.

Santelmann is one of Norway’s greatest actors and has been seen in films such as “Kon-Tiki” and “The Murders in the Congo”. The 41-year-old also had one of the main roles in the series success «Exit».

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