To enroll in the Universities of Ukraine will become much more complicated: “it can’t last forever”

Поступить в ВУЗы Украины станет намного сложнее: "Так не может продолжаться вечно"

Ukrainian students have warned that tuition at Universities will be increased

About this informed the General Director of the Directorate of higher education and adult education of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine (MES) Oleg Sharov.

“Low tuition, and frankly below cost, leads to the fact that a certain number of applicants is appealing to go on the contract to this place for opportunistic specialty than to get honestly earned budget place for non-engaged specialty at another institution. I want to note that this will not and cannot last forever,” he said.

Moreover, according to the official, the innovations “should be in the introductory кампании2020 of the year.”

“Well, it can not be that when the government finances the education of a student 26-27 million, certain College recruit contractors for 7-10 thousand, and then I also the rector of the University, which includes the College begins to tell how they are fighting against dumping”, — he stressed.

Поступить в ВУЗы Украины станет намного сложнее: "Так не может продолжаться вечно"

As previously reported, the dreadful emergency with a student shocked the residents of Kiev. Reportedly, the incident occurred last night, January 15.

The deceased was a foreign student from Morocco born in 1998.

According to available information, last night in one of the buildings of Kiev rested group of young people, among whom were student-Moroccan. At one point the alien “stood up and climbed on the window sill.”

It is known that girls who were also in the company was trying to keep his pants, but he leaned out the window and slipped down from the 14th floor.

It is reported that from his injuries, a foreign student from Morocco died at the scene. It is also noted that during the fall the guy broke the conditioning.

According to preliminary information, the guy missed the plane home. The causes of emergency in Kiev, revised by the specialists.

Поступить в ВУЗы Украины станет намного сложнее: "Так не может продолжаться вечно"

Recall that Uzhgorod was shocked with tragic news: a teenager did not survive adulthood.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian city, a wave of suicides of children.

Also Politeka wrote about a suicide that looked like broken dolls: live from the place where found jumped from the balcony of the young lovers.

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