To divorce, spouses in China need to fill up one test

According to the latest statistics, in Europe on 1000 people there are 1.9 divorce. In China, the figure is 1.8 per divorce per 1000 of the population.

Including this rather sad statistics in Chinese Sichuan, the couple can not divorce, not filled up the examination of the magistrate van Shiya. We describe how unusual is this test and why it is generally not a good idea.

Exam for divorce

The man or woman who decided to divorce, can not do without the consent of the other spouse. But before finally terminate the marriage, in China, the couple must undergo testing. The couple answer the questions of the exam in different rooms, independently from each other.

Each of them can get for the test a maximum of 100 points. But this result will not help to achieve this. To get a divorce, the man and the woman need to score at least 60 points. Only then the judge will approve of their decision.

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What questions to ask during testing

In the developed test, there are statements that need to agree or refute the questions that need short answer, and tasks where you have to choose one of the options.

But overall the test questions can be divided into standard and subjective.

In the first category, the magistrate took these questions:

  • Call your anniversary
  • What are the date of birth of spouse and children
  • What are the favorite dish of your child
  • Do you share household duties with your spouse?
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The second category includes these and many other questions:

  • When was the last time you talked heart to heart?
  • How often do you go in a family trip?
  • What is the biggest disagreement in your family?
  • Responsible in the family of your spouse?

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Exam for divorce, in the opinion of the magistrate, helps to locate trouble spots of marriage, which then calmed down, the couple can discuss. As a result, spouses may even find a compromise and reconcile. And this achieves Shiyu.

But the approach has also disadvantages. The first of these is a misrepresentationto obtain a divorce. But the judge stressed that, taking the final decision, based not only on test results but also on additional information, which must confirm them.

The second is that the judge is not a psychologist. He developed a test on their own, although this case would be worth trusting professional relationship.

However, the first couple had passed the exam. And passed successfully: the husband scored 80 points, and his wife is 86. Shiyu decided that their family deserves a second chance, and did not raise spouses.


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