To divert attention from Gaza: Hamas creates a new cell in Lebanon

Diverting attention from Gaza: Hamas has created a new cell in Lebanon

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Hamas has set up a branch in Lebanon to open an additional front against Israel in future conflicts.

This is reported by Yediot Ahronot ;.

The publication recalled that in May, four rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon. Then it was attributed to the “ Palestinian factions. '' It is clarified that the decision to establish an office in Lebanon was made in 2014. The terrorist organization decided that a new cell will be created, which will be subordinate to the leadership of Hamas.

According to the newspaper, Saleh al-Aruri was accused of leading this unit. His cell in Lebanon was tasked with opening a “new front against Israel.”

The militants were also supposed to divert Israel's attention from Gaza during subsequent hostilities. For this, Palestinian activists living in Lebanon were hired. The cell is believed to have hundreds of people working in secret under the guise of civic engagement.

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