To deadly games are now invited via SMS

Silence gives consent.

До смертельної гри тепер запрошують за допомогою SMS

One of the residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region received several suspicious SMS join deadly games “Blue whale”.

According to 19-year-old girl, the first message she received on February 17 at 12 midnight, reports Rus.Media.

“The blue whale. Start the GAME in 4:20”, – was stated in the SMS.

Note that it was sent with the number 777, that is, anonymously from the Internet.

До смертельної гри тепер запрошують за допомогою SMS

In General, the student received 4 such messages, the last of which was “the Blue whale. Response to 4:20. Silence means consent”.

As a result, she was very scared and tensed.

I pulled the SIM card. I never heard that they for no reason send a message to the phone. I’ve never even participated in this game. I am not in strange groups in social networks and didn’t even put your phone number. Also I have on the page is not written phone number, but it is tied to the page, but nobody sees it. I don’t know where they got my number, because I can’t even imagine what the relationship between me and this all, – shared his thoughts student.

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