TM POOF offers a new series of savory snacks POOF CRUNCH


The POOF snack brand expands and launches a new line: Poof Crunch! The new series includes three savory snacks: taco, sour and spicy and grilled.

Crunch products are based on wheat flour and corn. This is a unique combination that gives the snack a particularly crunchy and crumbly texture.

These three products will complement POOF's already existing snack range: American Grilled POOF Stars, POOF Hearts with Classic Potato Flavor, POOF Hearts with Grilled Flavor. , the classic potato-flavoured POOF rings and onion-flavoured starlets, as well as the POOF PLAY series: POOF PLAY grilled, POOF PLAY sour and spicy, and POOF PLAY ketchup.

Kosher: Haredi badadz.

Estimated consumer price: NIS 3.9
Package weight: 40 grams.

Snacks will be sold in all grocery stores as well as in supermarket chains.


 ТМ POOF offers a new series of savory POOF CRUNCH

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