Tishchenko's wife Alla Baranovskaya complained about the hate because of the party during the quarantine

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 Tishchenko's wife Alla Baranovskaya complained about the hate because of the party during the quarantine

The deputy's wife regrets about the scandalous holiday.

< p> Recall that in April this year in Ukraine they actively discussed a scandalous situation: the wife of a party deputy & # 171; Servant of the people & # 187; Nikolay Tishchenko, Alla Baranovskaya, loudly celebrated her birthday during the lockdown, Chronicle.info reports with reference to hochu.ua.

Society now and then condemned the blonde for allowing herself what other people deny themselves due to the pandemic.

In a conversation with Osadcha, Baranovskaya admitted that she regrets what happened. By the way, the bright fireworks, which coincided with her birthday, have nothing to do with the holiday.

It was in the hotel rooms & # 8230; we understood that legally we did not violate any article of the law. By the way, after 3-5 days everything was opened, there were big festivals, nobody was embarrassed anymore. But at that moment I realized that we sometimes forget that we are no longer the same ordinary people we were 2-3 years ago. Salute was not given to me by my husband, as they say. This year he gave me nothing. I probably forgot

– said Alla Baranovskaya.

According to the girl, looking back, now she would not spend the holiday in this format.

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If I went back to that period, I would not have done anything, because, of course, it was such a week-long hate, I did not quite understand why. Because it was such an evening where no one could get sick, no one could transmit this coronavirus to someone, since everyone was taking tests. Of course, if only to return to this period, all this would not be worth what happened later and how the whole country relished it.

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