Tires are burned and roads blocked in East Jerusalem

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 Tire burning and road blocking in East Jerusalem

Palestinian activists in East Jerusalem are preparing for a general strike on Sunday, February 19, as part of a call for civil disobedience in four districts in the eastern part of the capital, organizers announced on Saturday.
< br /> The move comes in response to increased Israeli police activity in the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem over the past week, amid high tensions following a series of terrorist attacks in the capital.

in particular in Shuafat, which caused discontent among the residents, who condemned the “policy of persecution and aggression by the Israeli authorities – including the police”; over the past week, the organizers said in a statement quoted by Israeli media.

The police are conducting intense operations in the refugee camp, including arrests, physical searches, delays at checkpoints and traffic violations, they said. Activists in the Shuafat camp told Haaretz that the police were engaged in a “vindictive persecution” residents under pressure from National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

On Saturday, organizers in Issaviya and Jabel Mukaber and in the West Bank city of Anata near the Shuafat refugee camp said residents of those areas would also strike and take part in civil disobedience.

In a press statement the organizers urged Palestinian workers not to show up for work with Israeli employers from 2:00 am Sunday, and residents not to use public services and not pay municipal bills “in response to the occupying government's daily crimes against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem.”
< br /> They also stated that the entrances to the main roads in Shuafat and Anat will be closed to traffic.

“We call on the Palestinian people in all regions of the homeland and in particular in the Jerusalem area to show solidarity and support the struggle steps to right the injustice suffered by the people of the region at repressive and racist checkpoints ah,” the statement said.

Channel 12 reports that “activists” blocking the entrances to Shuafat and burning tires.

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