Tina Karol showed your childhood photo: “a little beauty”

Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка»

Even in childhood, Tina was a real beauty

Tina Karol – the brightest star of the Ukrainian music. The artist is actively engaged in charitable activities, gives concerts that are coming many thousands army of fans, and becomes the face of major brands. Awarded the title “people’s artist of Ukraine”.

Tatyana Lieberman is the real name of the famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol. She was born in January 1985 in the snow and frozen by frost Magadan. Here, in the North of Russia, in the town of Orotukan in the time lived in the girl’s parents, engineers Gregory S. Lieberman, and S. A. Zhuravel. At the time of birth-Thani family, growing up the son Stanislav.

Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка» Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка»

When the singer was seven years old, the family moved to a small home mother of Tina Karol in the Western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Childhood and teenage years the girls have been here, in one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. Like all children of the age of the future star, Tatiana Liberman attended secondary school.

Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка» Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка»

In addition, the girl, who in early childhood, parents have found good ear and a beautiful voice, studied at the music school in piano class. Additionally, Tanya from the childhood he attended vocal lessons.

Тина Кароль показала свои детские фото: «маленькая красотка»

Earlier, the makers of the vocal show “voice of the country-9” dedicated to the fourth ether Valentine’s Day. On the eve of in the air symbolically played out a love drama.

25-year-old pediatrician from Chernivtsi Alexander Miller was the first of the speakers on the stage during the blind auditions. He played well and deserved the attention of the captain. When the coach held a new ward to the support group, and Yury Gorbunov, among the stars broke out emotional sparring.

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Dan Balan turned to Tina Karol and asked him what it did not suit the competitor. Although he, too, turned to the contractor. The singer answered the question at issue in Odessa style, vocativ colleague. He jokingly noted that such responses have long gone out of fashion.

Here the conversation broke Potapov, hinting at the late romantic flirting. Dan Balan noted that the rapper is constantly butting in in their conversation with Tina Karol, destroying the attempts of contact. Potapov reminded that for a long time sat in the chair next to the performer: “still in the mood for Tina all sorts of stachecki”. Then he admitted that he is jealous colleague Dan Balana.

Recall the long-standing feud Tina Karol, Loboda has reached a new level.

As reported Politeka, Tina Karol no bra aroused heated debate.

Also Politeka wrote that Tina began to cry on stage and made a surprise confession.

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