Tina Karol braless in a transparent top lit chest: Temptation

Тина Кароль без лифчика и в прозрачном топе засветила грудь: Искушение

Popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol are known for their gentle images that appeared in unusual way

Popular singer Tina Karol, who recently became the music producer of the prestigious musical award “M1 Music Awards”, surprised new to her forthright manner. The artist has published in Instagram photo in a sexy outfit that flatters her shape.

In the picture Tina posing in a revealing top made of pearls and white skirt with high slits. A vivid image of the singer complements a massive gold earrings and makeup in dark muted tones. This is a photo of the singer did not comment.

Fans of the singer were delighted with this way of Tina’s and fell asleep that compliments:

“Beauty” “Queen”, “Bombyces beautiful!!”, “Tina you’re so beautiful, Beautiful)”, “It’s just … No words,” “If a bird of tormoznuli,landed, settled,many can be vdohnut with relief.”, “The tree of Good and Evil….was tempted! How happy is the angel that know….love inevidence!”, “How gentle”, “Sun”, “Great. My eyes buzz”, “Such a beautiful photo and such a beautiful makeup 😻 So haloooo”.

By the way, the photo of Tina posing in a dress by the famous Ukrainian designer. This image from collection of the brand BEVZA spring summer 2019. This top is about 485 euros.

Тина Кароль без лифчика и в прозрачном топе засветила грудь: Искушение

Тина Кароль без лифчика и в прозрачном топе засветила грудь: Искушение

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Also earlier it was reported that the page of the fan club of the actress in the social network has a teaser of her new song.

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol continues to delight fans and to shock the public revealing outfits.

It is known that the singer is preparing to release a new song, the premiere of which is scheduled for November 29.

The official fan group of artist has a teaser of her new song called “You’re the only one who forces me tame”.

The network posted a clip of a song and the words of the song can be heard in small published fragment of the song:

“Premiere this Thursday,” reads the message.

So a few days ago, He surprised fans with a new picture in a candid way.

Тина Кароль без лифчика и в прозрачном топе засветила грудь: Искушение

Recall that Carol was a relative of the famous Ukrainian actress. In an interview with Katya Osadchaya the singer told how intermarried with Irma Vitovskaya.

As recognized Carol, her brother – husband of the sister of the actress Irma Vitovska.

But, according to the singer, with her cousin, they are not very common, because we all have different schedules.

Also Carol remembered how she talks about brother Stanislaus sister Irma Vitovska, Natalia.

“I remember how we arranged. We have come to ask to marry Natasha, the sister of Irma for Stasik, my brother. We came with the family to ask that they agree to give away your flower,” said Carol.

We will remind, Tina bared chest, hitting the fans

Earlier it was reported that Tina wore a provocative dress for three thousand dollars

It is also known that Tina Karol in “mourning” made an unexpected confession

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