Tina Karol answered provocative questions to fans

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Tina Karol answered fans' provocative questions

Tina Karol revealed the secrets of the morning ritual and named her favorite cities.

A new issue of Tina Karol has been released on the YouTube channel of the popular singer Tina Karol Patreon, in which the singer answered the most popular questions about her life and made a rating of TOP-3 favorite places, male names, bad habits and morning rituals, Chronicle.info reports with reference to hochu.ua.

So, as part of the new video, Tina Karol revealed the secrets of the morning ritual. It turns out that the singer gets up every day at 5.15 am to meet the dawn.

This includes, energizes and inspires,

– says the star.

In second place was & nbsp; sport – rope, yoga and abs.

During sports I listen to freshly written demos , music from the tour. The third point of the morning ritual & nbsp; – & nbsp; after training I drink half a liter of water. Such a morning is & nbsp; this is a dynamo machine for a successful day,

– Karol noted.

Tina chooses healthy products for breakfast. Her & nbsp; TOP 3 includes guacamole, avocado and quinoa. However, Karol does not deny herself coffee either: she says that she really loves this aromatic drink.

The singer also named her TOP-3 favorite places in Kiev:

This is my house, a recording studio, and also a pier near the Dnieper.

Among all the countries that the singer has impressed on her travels, she noted Namibia, Iceland and the United States.

In the new issue of Tina Karol Patreon, the Ukrainian pop diva also numbered TOP-3 male names, three bad habits, surprised that the songs & # 171; Scandal & # 187; might not have been in the album & # 171; Beautiful & # 187;, and also burst into tears while talking about concert programs.

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