Time Traveler: Christmas Events Shock the World

& quot; Time Traveler & quot; from TikTok posted a video warning that there will be some big events happening on Christmas Day, December 25, that will “ shock the whole world. ''

This is reported by Lad Bible.
< December 25 (Christmas) - something great will happen on this day that will shake the world and change the way people live forever, - warned The Time Traveler its audience of 1.2 million. “This will prove 100 percent that I travel in time, don’t forget the date,” he added. Besides The time traveler @thatonetimetraveler has made a bolder prediction that Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and Finland will unite in 2027. Also, according to his predictions, in 2024 a 35,000-year-old bunker “with the secrets of the ancient world” will be discovered.


Remember the date 12/25/2021 (Christmas Day) ❄️ ## fyp ## foryou ## foryoupage ## timetraveler ## timetravel

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