TIME magazine named the best environmental invention of mankind in 2019

Журналу TIME назвав найкращий екологічний винахід людства у 2019 році

Solar panel Solar Cow
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Portable solar panel Solar Cow from the Korean company YOLK was included in the list of the best inventions of mankind in 2019, according to TIME magazine. The publication notes that the invention “carries the energy of the people.”

Modular design Solar Cow consists of solar panels mounted on the frame team, which is bent in the shape of a cow, and a small hub with a portable battery installed in the back of the “cow”. In the daytime, solar panels charge batteries, which then can be removed and used as chargers for gadgets and mobile phones.

Журналу TIME назвав найкращий екологічний винахід людства у 2019 році

Company YOLK during the launch of the pilot version of the program posted their installations in Kenya and Tanzania near schools. Subsequently, about 500 kids took the charged battery home, to be able to use electrical gadgets in houses without a Central electricity supply.

Solar cow YOLK helps to improve access to electricity and education in countries that are developing. The authors of a startup claim that their product will help to cope with the broader issues of global inequality, providing energy to low-income families and encouraging them to send their children to school, – the newspaper notes.

The authors of a startup, in turn, are confident that their invention will reduce the chances that children in disadvantaged areas from a young age will involve “slave” hard work.

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