Time for sound decisions, the end of cruel discrimination!

 Time for sound decisions, end of brutal discrimination!

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Time for sound decisions, end of cruel discrimination! From now on, same-sex couples will also be able to become parents

The longstanding injustice will be corrected. “And God saw that it was good” because he created man

Author: Avi Rosenfeld

God has given man everything. A baby is born with a voice and a smile, feelings and a sea of ​​emotions. With its own character, hair and eye color, with all its features and abilities. He or she can become a president, a teacher, a singer, or a doctor. God gave birth to understanding, thought, emotions, tears and laughter.

God gave us another wonderful thing – choice. And, looking back, we see that someone chose the good, and someone, unfortunately, something else. Some felt they were better than others and took it upon themselves to make decisions that led to discriminatory laws.

 Time for sound decisions, end to brutal discrimination!

And despite the fact that sanity and truth move slowly, they eventually repel all evil and all ignorance. Sometimes it seems that ignorance reigns supreme, but in the test of time sanity wins.

In our country, we recently had the opportunity to observe an important victory for goodness and sanity – after many years of discrimination, same-sex couples will be able to become parents by law.

This is already there and this is a fact!

the innocent question “why wasn't it always like this?!”

Everyone deserves to live under the sky, everyone deserves to be a parent. Naturally — without discrimination, arrogance and other misunderstandings.

Many more lives will be born thanks to this law, this fact alone makes me smile as I write these lines.

True, in our tiny country there is still something to change, but today we are given the opportunity to stop for a moment, take a breath and see how good it is now! How wonderful life is, and this is just the beginning.

Now it's your turn to make decisions come true.

Surrogacy – how does it really work?
What is the road really like? ?
Who are you talking to?
What is gestation and what do you do during it?

 Time for sound decisions, end to brutal discrimination!

I decided to understand everything, check, and, as once in childhood, ask again – how are children born? More precisely, how same-sex couples can have a child and raise him with dedication and love until he grows up and can take care of himself, and all this here in Israel.

Changes in the law are great, but the law, as you know, is a complex thing. How can a couple get help from the law and soon hear a newborn baby cry?

Meet Ida Baron, CEO and professional manager of Surmom. I listen to her and she seems flustered even on the phone. Her mission is to bring more lives into the world, more tiny babies for more parents who are trying their best to be happy. Because there is no greater satisfaction than this.

Ida says she has been involved in surrogacy and egg donation for 13 years. In the past, she is a medical device practitioner in operating rooms. As part of this activity, Ida was present at various fertilization procedures, and always prayed for the success of the treatment. But the most striking thing that caught her eye all the time, — it is a passionate desire of a woman to become a mother.

This desire touched her very much, planting in her soul faith in her work. She knew that the day would come and she would help these people.

13 years have passed since then, and SurMom, founded by Ida, provides surrogacy services in Israel, and also has branches in Georgia, Ukraine and Colombia. Ida says the company offers a solution for everyone. And there is no difference – same-sex couple, single or childless due to the infertility of one of the spouses.

The main criteria for being a surrogate mother in a family in Israel:

The surrogate mother must be between the ages of 22 and 39 and have a certificate of good conduct. She must also pass rigorous tests, and it is entirely justified to make sure that her partner has no criminal record or, God forbid, a case of violence.

Those who want to become parents in Israel must also meet various conditions and restrictions, which is good. When the process is carried out under strict control, it also ensures that it will be successful. The process takes place in the country of residence of the surrogate mother and under the full control of this country. Ida says that with the passage of the new law, which also allows same-sex couples to become parents, demand has increased and, as a result, the company's staff has increased. “I am happy to find openness here to such a sensitive issue.” Even some banks, according to Ida, are recognizing this need and have recently created various lending options for raising children through the surrogacy process.

There's so much more you can write about this magical world, but I think it's worth focusing on the fact that you can be a parent through the process of carrying fetuses (surrogates) to married couples, same-sex parents, and single parents. I think it's a beautiful start.

Ida's office wraps clients in love like a mother's womb. She and her staff promise that you will feel comfortable, at ease, kept informed of the progress of the process, and will receive detailed guidance throughout the process, all under full supervision and professionalism, until the happy parents enter the home. holding your beloved child in your arms.

What about the price, I ask? Do parents have to go broke to give birth to a child?

Ida reassures and says that the price is significant, but not very high, since this is a complex procedure that incurs quite a few financial costs. Prices range from NIS 175,000 to NIS 300,000 and, as mentioned, there are currently banks that provide loans for this purpose. , congratulations on the law, which allows many parents and children to become happy. Have you reached maturity and want to become a parent? Feel free to call, ask and find out. Ida and her staff will answer and be at your disposal during the nine months of patiently bearing the miracle.

Tel. 03-7281169

Our address is HaNahochet 2, Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv.


+ Link to the site https://www.surmom.co.il/

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