“Time bomb”. The terrorist could not be caught for 12 days

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 "Time bomb". The terrorist could not be caught for 12 days

The Israeli press is outraged that the security services allowed the terrorist who carried out the Shuafat attack to move freely for 12 days.

Amir Buhubut, a military observer for the walla portal, writes that while all the secret services of the IDF, the Shin Bet and the police were searching, the terrorist who killed Noah Lazar was planning the next attack, which miraculously ended only with a slight injury to the guard. The attack in Ma'ale Adumim is a wake-up call for the security services to find new methods to combat the growing terrorism in the territories.

One of the problems is the availability of weapons currently in the territory of Judea and Samaria and around Jerusalem. Although the IDF and the police show many confiscations of weapons and ammunition almost every week, this is only a drop in the bucket compared to the volumes coming from Jordan and Lebanon.

The truth must be told. There are areas, including the Shoafat refugee camp, where the security system as a whole is in no hurry to carry out large-scale and aggressive actions to stop serious processes that ultimately lead to terrorist attacks.

Motivation in the vicinity of Jerusalem and in the territories to carry out terrorist attacks has been very noticeable for several months, and this inspires what the security forces call “seesaws”; – those who, until the last moment, are considering whether to commit a terrorist act. All they have to do is acquire a weapon to carry out a terrorist attack and copy the actions of others.

The public's support for a terrorist should alarm everyone. This support is the result of frustration, economic problems, crime and an administrative vacuum. Without the support of the population, the terrorist would have been captured shortly after the first attack.

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In addition, last night's attack itself proves that although the terrorist was in hiding, he did not feel that he was being hunted, but rather had a free hand that allowed him to rearm and carefully plan his next attack.< br />
It is incredible that, despite all the efforts and resources expended shortly after the attack 12 days ago, during this long period, the Shin Bet and the Israeli police did not have accurate intelligence that led to the capture of a terrorist, or at least , did not allow him to leave the shelter.

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