TikTok will allow users to scroll through videos hands-free

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 TikTok will allow users to scroll through videos hands-free

The plethora of content on China's popular social media app TikTok makes users constantly swipe to move from video to video.

new feature: auto-scroll.

The new feature of TikTok was revealed on Twitter by Hammond Oh, who has made many successful leaks about the Chinese platform in the past.

Presumably, the new feature can be enabled manually, allowing it will work automatically.

Also worth checking out is this simple trick on iOS and Android, where you can use the voice activation features to perform certain actions, such as scrolling through your TikTok and Instagram feed.

In addition, TikTok has announced a new policy update to address repeated violations of its Community Guidelines. One violation will result in the account being temporarily closed. Multiple such violations will result in the account being permanently banned.

TikTok will also expand the designation policy for the official media of each country with accounts on the platform. This will help viewers better understand the source of the content they are viewing on TikTok. This policy will also apply to the TikTok channel KAN, the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation.

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