TikTok Trends: What is the Mascara everyone is talking about

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 TikTok Trends: What is the Mascara everyone is talking about< /p>

Millions of videos have been posted on TikTok as part of the #MascaraTrend trend.

This tag currently has 39.2 million views, but it doesn't seem to has nothing to do with real mascara – mascara. Cosmopolitan magazine explained what this trend means.

#MascaraTrend is essentially a coded way to tell people about their past and present romantic relationships, how good or bad they were, and even about what sex was like.

For example, one TikToker wrote: “The only Maskara I've ever really liked ended up damaging my lashes so badly that I'm too scared to try any new mascara because I can't let my lashes get damaged again.” The video's creator was referring to Maskara as the young man who injured her.

Another user wrote, “My beloved Maskara couldn't hold her wand in the tube.” Obviously, this is not about mascara.

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