TikTok stars visit Israel to show it to the world

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 TikTok stars visit Israel to show it to the world

Vibe Israel – apolitical non-profit organization seeking to change opinions about Israel – organized the second tour of influential bloggers in Israel this year. Each tour focuses on a theme of global interest to millennials and Gen Z, and this week's tour is aptly named #VibeParty as it was around Purim.

Each of the participants in this tour is the owner of a popular TikTok account that ranges from 500,000 followers to over six million and several million more on Instagram. The total number of subscribers of these six content creators exceeds 15 million.

Among the talents participating in this tour are – Richard Sales, who has over 9 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, Luke Vernon (2.2 million), Beth Collie (1 million), Colum Ryan, who is also followed by several million, Victor Oluvatovoju and Luca Peterson. They were recognized by the locals as they walked the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

“Before I arrived, I didn't know much about Israel. I knew it existed”, – Colum Ryan said. “Now I understand better how many different cultures there are and how beautiful this country as a whole”.

“I had a great time here”– confessed Luka Peterson. “I wanted to come here since I was a child, my mother lived here for a while on a kibbutz and told me a lot of stories. The people were so welcoming, the food is literally one of the best I have ever had. I enjoyed studying history in Jerusalem and then had a lot of fun in Tel Aviv”.

The tour program included a Purim party at the Tower of David, dinner at the newly opened restaurant Machenyuda, kayaking in the Dead Sea, dinner with local celebrities such as Stefan Lehár at Kilometrage by Brown Hotels, a tour of the Carmel Market, dinner on Shabbat hosted by a family in Tel Aviv, a trip to a Bedouin farm in the north, a nightlife tour hosted by Tel Aviv Global and Tourism, dancing the night away with Ofer Nissim at the biggest Purim party in Israel, and a sunny morning at the Hilton Bay hotel in Tel -Aviv.

“Israel– a wonderful country filled with such a rich history, incredibly vibrant atmosphere, as well as a diverse culture. One of the special experiences that I remember was kayaking in the Dead. Sea. The scenery was just amazing, I enjoyed paddling through the crystal clear water, admiring the amazing views that surrounded me” – told Beth Collie.

At the end of the tour, Richard Sales said: “One thing I want to say – it is hot here. The food here is incredible, I will definitely be back”.

During the week, the group wrote about their experience and received enthusiastic feedback from their followers.

“After a three-year hiatus caused by Covid, we have resumed our long awaited Vibe Tours”, – says Joanna Landau, founder of Vibe Israel. “The purpose of these tours — enable the people Millennials and Generation Z trust most – social media influencers – share the history of Israel with the world, show it with your own eyes, without topics of discussion, political agendas or expectations”.

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