TikTok content spreads 'toxic diet culture' – study

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TikTok's influence on viewers' eating habits is much more dangerous, according to a new study from the University of Vermont. It ”spreads a toxic diet culture among teenagers & young adults”, – writes Professor Lizzie Pope, director of the university's dietetics didactic program.
In an article in the online magazine PLOS One, Pope states that “posts related to food, nutrition and weight are popular on TikTok, but their authors are not very popular.” understand the topic”.

The study looked at 1,000 TikTok videos related to nutrition, food and weight, each with over a billion views. Such content, according to the authors, can contribute to eating disorders and negative body image in young people who are the main audience of TikTok. Helping users identify credible nutritional information and eliminating trigger content can be a problem solving strategy.

“Just like people of different heights, we all have different weights,” – Pope says. “Meals based on weight – this is the only correct way to look at the question. Every day, millions of young people consume content on TikTok that paints a distorted picture of food regulations. The nutrition expert believes that “we must help young people develop critical thinking skills and their own idea of ​​the body.”

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