Tickets for the concert Pugacheva cost more than Madonna: the prices peaked

Билеты на концерт Пугачевой стоят дороже, чем на Мадонну: расценки достигли пика

For firms of dealers who raised the price of the concert Diva up to heaven, Alla Pugacheva forced to give in a short time another concert — budget

It became known that the white stone should be held the second concert, the so-called “anniversary Pugacheva” with more sane prices. From which he has received in the media name as “budget”.

Билеты на концерт Пугачевой стоят дороже, чем на Мадонну: расценки достигли пика

Prices for the first concert of the legendary Alla has reached cosmic heights — 270 thousand rubles or hryvnia 111300. It should be noted that it is not even in the first row and the third.

It happened due to the fact that intermediaries expect to earn on the rich, the officials of the Kremlin, which according to them was to be interested in this concert.

But even the VIPs are not in a hurry to pay such a huge sum for a concert local favorite.

What to do in this situation thousands of fans who are in the physical presence of tickets in the sale, and will not be able to afford to buy them, came up with one from the Moscow concert agencies.

Recently, it announced a “budget” Pugacheva’s anniversary — the concert “a Gift for Alla” April 8 in the capital’s Crocus City Hall.

Билеты на концерт Пугачевой стоят дороже, чем на Мадонну: расценки достигли пика

The cost of tickets varies from 4 to 60 thousand rubles, and the show itself is a redo of the legendary concert “Surprise for Alla”, which was held 20 years ago in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Then the most popular hits Pugacheva sang all the stars of show business, and the hero of the day was sitting in the front row watching the action.

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In the list of star cast of the concert on 8 April 2019 included Philip Kirkorov, Svetlana Loboda, Maxim Galkin, Valery Leontiev and even Sergei Shnurov.

The organizers assure that it will be a “TV version” of 70-year anniversary of the singer.

Previously, Alla Pugacheva openly talked about the size of their earnings and admitted that he lives in the pay of her husband Maxim Galkin.

The Russian pop diva is preparing a Grand concert in honor of its upcoming 70th anniversary. As it became known, on this performance the singer was allocated to sponsorship in the amount of 40 million rubles.

Recall, Galkin showed his Palace with Pugacheva, while over the screaming child.

As reported Politeka, Pugachev came out in a leather outfit and hit the network.

Also Politeka wrote that Pugachev spree: 5-year-old daughter Diva accidentally told a family secret.

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