Ticket inspector turns out to be a murderer of Jews

The ticket controller turned out to be a murderer of Jews

The release of a book based on real facts in the UK made a lot of noise – “ Controller from Belarus ''.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of passengers in the City of London passed by the gloomy not a smiling person. We are talking about the ticket controller at the London Bridge railway station.

Tony Savonyuk, supposedly a Polish emigrant who somehow got in and stayed in the UK, was not particularly remarkable. No one heard anything from him except the usual greetings. His colleagues did not like him. & ldquo; There was always something weird about him, & rdquo; – they said.

None of the railway employees had any idea what a terrible secret this man was hiding.

An article in the Daily Mail briefly tells the plot of the book itself. The story of a mass murderer. During World War II, the ticket inspector served as a Nazi accomplice in his native Belarus. He killed Jews – men, women and even small children.

For many years he managed to remain unnoticed. But one day he was still identified and brought to justice.

It was an exceptional trial in Great Britain. After all, it was about a monstrous war criminal.

In 1999 in the Old Bailey, after an exhaustive and unique 28-day hearing, the killer was sent to prison.

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