Through a defect in the world withdraw 35 thousand Mazda3

Через дефект у світі відкликають 35 тисяч Mazda3

Now the US is withdrawing 35 thousand Mazda3

Mazda has applied to the National traffic safety (NHTSA) United States notification of a defect associated with the safety that is found in some vehicles, the Mazda3 2019 and 2020 model years.

The defect leads to the fact that the vehicle may stop unexpectedly while driving the unintentional inclusion of automatic emergency braking systems for Smart Braking System (SBS).

The cause of the defect is an error in the control software of the SBS through which the system mistakenly believes that the car detected the obstacle. To avoid collision or reduce the damage from it, the system automatically performs the braking, although the risk of collision in this case.

Через дефект у світі відкликають 35 тисяч Mazda3

Mazda3 can get into an accident through

While it gives a message and a warning tone. Obviously, if an automatic emergency braking system, SBS unexpectedly activated while driving increases the risk of collision with a vehicle which is moving behind you.

While there was not a single case where the result of the described defect would have been injuries or deaths. The issue affects approximately 35 390 cars the Mazda3 sold in the US.

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