Three ways to quickly earn an apartment in Ukraine: “the Conditions of eternal crisis”

Три способа быстро заработать на квартиру в Украине: "Условия вечного кризиса"

Poignant and relevant question at all times: the purchase of housing

Part of the population is not even bother about it and just rents an apartment. But other day-to-day hoarding earned money to one day log in to your own house.

To buy an apartment ordinary Ukrainians need a lot of hard work. Of course a good option when the house gets inherited from relatives or when parents help a young family together and give the nest.

But what about those who did not expect such expensive gifts? How to make money on an apartment in a perpetual crisis, low salaries and increasing prices? We offer you to parse the most common ways of earning money for the purchase of apartments.

So to collect the necessary sum to buy an apartment from scratch is quite real. If you approach the issue with intelligence and definitely without negative slogans: “I have nothing”, “it’s impossible”.

Три способа быстро заработать на квартиру в Украине: "Условия вечного кризиса"

In the struggle for the purchase of apartments by all means: to gather, to earn, to save, to borrow.

Analyze options for obtaining funds for a cherished housing.

Три способа быстро заработать на квартиру в Украине: "Условия вечного кризиса"

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1. Lend or borrow. If funds need to gather up very quickly, then there are two most common options: go to rich relatives and friends, in search of the necessary amounts or take in a solid Bank to take the credit for housing. You can also consider mortgage if you are young, energetic and you have a family, to obtain such happiness is possible.

In this case, always remember that the debts, loans and mortgages — not save you from regular payments. In any case the money is needed somewhere to take to repay their debts.

2. Earn. In the case when you have nowhere to rush. And in your personal plan for buying property surrounding long term performance. Can actively engage in their career. To establish own business. And thereby replenish the piggy Bank “for housing”. This option can be called promising.

So you work not only in order to buy an apartment, but in General, to adequately provide for his life and the lives of people close to you.

Три способа быстро заработать на квартиру в Украине: "Условия вечного кризиса"

3. Accumulate. With this choice, every penny will count. There is no illusion of a decent wage, at least the first couple. If your income is average and in the near future, no career prospects, a new high-paying jobs and other financial achievements.

The accumulative system will last for years. The main thing to calculate everything correctly and purchase the long-awaited housing yourself, not your grandchildren.

Recall that the purchase of real estate before elections can be dangerous.

As reported Politeka, young people will be able to get free housing.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians have tightened lending rules.

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