Three very bad habits that make man better

Три дуже погані звички, які роблять чоловіка краще

Men’s habits
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Here are three popular bad habits that actually are, men good.

Impulsive purchases

When shopping impulsively, the person makes sensible choices. So says Sarah Wideman, PhD and owner of Behavioral Economics Consulting Group. Actually, the unexpected gifts, like a trip to Thailand or motorcycle, make a man more happy and in the end lead to the best long-term results.

Distractions in the workplace

You’re a man and are reading this article during working hours? Well done! In 2011 at the University of Illinois is one part of the test subjects did the 50 minute task without a break and the other with 2 pauses. The best result was shown by group 2. Researchers believe that the cause of the failure of the first was desensitization.

Три дуже погані звички, які роблять чоловіка краще

To yell at someone

Man if someone yelled in their hearts, don’t worry: he just improved the elasticity of arteries and lowered blood pressure. According to research by Swedish scientists, inflammatory screamers 5 times less at risk of a heart attack.

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