Three Ukrainians have recovered from coronavirus: what is known about their condition

Ще троє українців вилікувались від коронавірусу: що відомо про їхній стан

News coronavirus in Ukraine
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Three patients on coronavirus in Ukraine has recovered! This is one child and two adults from the Chernivtsi region. Overall Bukovina recovered already four patients, including the first infected.

It is known that a child has been released from the hospital, but the adult will be discharged in the morning of 27 March. “They were treated at our regional hospital in the infectious ward, and it has now been confirmed that they have recovered and they have no infection, – said the head of Chernivtsi regional state administration Sergey Osachuk.

But over the past day five of Chernivtsi sick of the coronavirus. We are talking about three adults under the age of 40 years and two children 2 and 11 years. It is known that four infected persons returned from abroad – from Russia, France, Romania, Germany, one in contact with patients for the coronavirus in Ukraine.

Thus, the total number of patients in Bukovina first installed the case is 47.

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