Three tips couples whose love at a distance

Три поради парам, у яких кохання на відстані

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Sometimes life compels young people to go into different corners of the world. How to keep your feelings at this stage of life?

No restrictions

Being in different cities, each of the partners will want to minimize the risk of cheating, and it is natural. But do not forget that people create freedom, and any frame she wants to break it. From the very beginning, of course, but eventually someone will want to walk around the city, meet its people, visit interesting places.

Small pleasures

While partners are not physically together, it is important to communicate with the same frequency as before. Send each other messages with wishes of good day to call. You should see the experience and joy of each other. Little alarm or crazy ideas, to share joyful moments or moments of happiness, this is exactly what binds and keeps love.

Три поради парам, у яких кохання на відстані

The effect of the presence

When you are alone in a strange city that can warm and give heat? Of course the presence of a loved one close. Why not come to the second half with the sudden visit? If such a surprise is impossible, you can arrange another. For example, to deliver to the office a bouquet of flowers or a Teddy bear in the room.

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