Three St. 2020: what you can and cannot do in a holiday on February 12

Трьох Святих 2020: що можна і не можна робити у свято 12 лютого

religious feast of the Three Saints

According to the religious calendar February 12, believers honor the memory of Three Saints, namely, St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great and Gregory the theologian. Read on and find out what you need to do that day and what are the restrictions in the occasion.

The historical background of the holiday is quite controversial, and the events that preceded the establishment of the holiday date, very instructive and important. The Byzantine Empire was known as a center of Orthodoxy, and the capital of the state was Constantinople.

There was a period when local people were divided into supporters of Basil the Great Basilian, defense industry Gregory the theologian – gregorini, and fans of St. John Chrysostom – the knights. Among these groups of believers have debated which of the saints had a greater advantage. Sometimes a verbal altercation moved into squabbles, hatred and persecution nodump.

Трьох Святих 2020: що можна і не можна робити у свято 12 лютого

Later, in 1084 Metropolitan John Sharski assured that it was nonsense – was the three Saints and said that we need to stop the feud, because they are all equal before God. So established a common celebration of their memory.

Every year 12 February the Orthodox Church celebrates the Synaxis of the three hierarchs. Three Saints is St. Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian.

What you can do with Three Saints

  • In the villages, has long been accepted in the day to charm a loved one. To this end, girls were hanged on the trees with colored ribbons and said, “I Like the ribbons tied, and the servant of God (name) to me would be attached. I was engaged, and married. Key. Castle. Language. Amen.”
  • You need to attend Church and pray Three Saints. There is a special prayer to the Three Hierarchs Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian and John Chrysostom.
  • Also today certainly need to settle all conflicts and disputes, if any you have.

Трьох Святих 2020: що можна і не можна робити у свято 12 лютого

What not to do in the feast of the Three Saints

  • The main ban in this day there is strife. Three Holy Fathers come to their congregation ceased to interfere, so that day in any case can not be anyone to fight. If you do not reconciled before the end of the day. you’ll be feuding all year.
  • Also banned is jealousy and anger. These negative emotions together with fights can become extremely destructive power.
  • According to popular belief, this day is not to spin, sew, and perform similar manual work.
  • Three Saints not to Shoe horses. Rumor has it that whoever violates this Covenant, will have problems and diseases of the feet and hands.

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