Three sisters who lived to be 100 years old reveal the secret of longevity

Three sisters who lived to be 100 years old revealed the secret of longevity

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Three sisters Julia, Lucy and Francis from the American city of Atwood (Kansas) have revealed the family secret of longevity, according to KSN.

All sisters have reached 100 years of age. At the moment, Julia Kopriva is 104 years old, Lucy Pochop is 102 years old, and the youngest of the sisters, Frances Compus, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. They grew up on a family farm in a small town, helping their parents to farm and harvest. The sisters were close all their lives, they remember well the times without the Internet and the years of the Great Depression.

The sisters believe that the secret of longevity lies in their lifestyle: they ate well, prayed and tried not to get into unpleasant situations. < br />
American women advised future generations to move more, keep the faith and be grateful to their ancestors in order to live longer.

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